about us

City of London School for Girls is a non-denominimg1ational, independent day school, for girls aged 7 to 18, based in the London Square Mile. The School was established by the Corporation of the City of London with money from a bequest from William Ward of Brixton to provide education for girls that “would correspond, as near as may be, to the City of London School”. The school opened in Carmelite Street in 1894 and moved to the present premises in the Barbican in 1969.

The City of London School for Girls is owned by the City of London Corporation. We fully support the City’s theme “The City Together; a Vision for a World Class City” which...

  • Is competitive and promotes opportunity,
  • Supports our communities,
  • Protects, promotes and enhances our environment,
  • Is vibrant and culturally rich,
  • Is safer and stronger.

Mission Statement

Aiming for excellence in all we do in the education and development of young women.

Our Aims

  1. To provide a broad and balanced curriculum and co-curriculum to support the intellectual, practical, creative, aesthetic, emotional and physical development of the pupils according to their abilities, needs and interests.

  2. To foster a love of learning and debate.

  3. To encourage positive attitudes to self, health, social, moral and spiritual issues.

  4. To foster an ethos of respect and care for others.

  5. To prepare our students for higher education, careers, leadership and the challenges of a fast changing wider world, providing a climate in which girls and staff are confident about taking risks.

  6. To use our location to maximise all that the City of London has to offer to develop informed and questioning young women.

  7. To encourage a diverse cultural mix in the students population, whilst admitting girls fairly on grounds of ability.

  8. To nurture respect for our local, national and global environment and to pursue the goal of sustainability.

  9. To retain and promote the best traditions and values of our school community, whilst embracing technological and other change necessary to meet the future.